Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Craftsy Sales

Do you sometimes get emails from Craftsy letting you know of some great sale on a kit or a class with a price you just can't pass up?  Then you click on the link from our blog and then you ask yourself "where did the sale go?" This exact thing happened to me. There was an offer that popped up in my email for ANY class for 20 bucks. I didn't need a class, but I wanted the sale class! I know when a good price comes along, I can't pass it up. How did I get the sale price? I clicked over to this blog and used the link to brings me to the Craftsy site. Then I closed the new page out, knowing a "cookie" was planted on my computer to log me using the link, then I used the link from the email. Sure enough, I get the sale price, AND our chapter received the commission for the sale of the class. I know it may sound complicated, but it is just an extra step.
To get the sale price from Craftsy email or otherwise "special":

1) Open new window on browser (like Explorer, Safari)
2) Open http://albanychapterasg.blogspot.com/
3) Click on our link on right for Craftsy and allow computer to open page
4) Click back to your email and take link from email to sale

Whola! The magic is done, and you don't even know it...but the chapter will!
Thank you for reading and the extra clicking.