Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Craftsy Sales

Do you sometimes get emails from Craftsy letting you know of some great sale on a kit or a class with a price you just can't pass up?  Then you click on the link from our blog and then you ask yourself "where did the sale go?" This exact thing happened to me. There was an offer that popped up in my email for ANY class for 20 bucks. I didn't need a class, but I wanted the sale class! I know when a good price comes along, I can't pass it up. How did I get the sale price? I clicked over to this blog and used the link to brings me to the Craftsy site. Then I closed the new page out, knowing a "cookie" was planted on my computer to log me using the link, then I used the link from the email. Sure enough, I get the sale price, AND our chapter received the commission for the sale of the class. I know it may sound complicated, but it is just an extra step.
To get the sale price from Craftsy email or otherwise "special":

1) Open new window on browser (like Explorer, Safari)
2) Open http://albanychapterasg.blogspot.com/
3) Click on our link on right for Craftsy and allow computer to open page
4) Click back to your email and take link from email to sale

Whola! The magic is done, and you don't even know it...but the chapter will!
Thank you for reading and the extra clicking.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


American Sewing Guild
Learn A Simple System to Fit Flattering Pants Every Time
Make every pair of pants you sew fit like they were designed just for you. We're Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson, and in our online Craftsy class, Easy Fitting the Palmer/Pletsch Way, you'll learn how simple and quick it can be to tissue–fit pants that complement your body beautifully!

Say goodbye to muslins — using them for the fitting process is inefficient and outdated in comparison to our tissue–fitting method. During our class, you'll discover how tissue–fitting is the best way to fit flattering pants with complete confidence. We'll guide you step by step through fitting for three different body types and a variety of figure variations.
We'll start with how to choose the correct pattern size for your body. Then, see how to fit the tissue pattern, even when you don't have a partner. Along the way, you'll learn to recognize areas that need adjustment, and how to make alterations — adding fullness to the thighs, taking in fullness at the back, and lengthening the rise for a higher waistband.

Discover how one pattern adjustment can affect other areas as we demonstrate a variety of alterations. You'll see how to accommodate for a short crotch depth, and how to adjust for a full tummy or a flat derrière. We'll also walk through a second fitting that will help you refine your pattern for the exact look you're after.
If you find you're having to make the same difficult adjustments on every pattern, trying a different size may benefit you. We'll show you how going up a size can place critical pattern features where you want them, thus making alterations easier than ever.

When you have a fuller figure, it can be difficult to find pants that fit well both front and back, as well as in length. This inconvenience will disappear as we show you how to make successful alterations for those curves that don't align with one size across the entire pattern.

Enroll inEasy Fitting the Palmer/Pletsch Way: Pants, and learn a sought–after system that lets you achieve a perfect fit: quickly, easily and consistently!
I'm Pati Palmer, a pattern designer and sewing instructor with more than 37 years of experience. I'm the designer of more than 200 patterns for The McCall Pattern Company, as well as the author of 10 sewing books. I held sewing seminars in North America and Australia for 15 years, while concurrently establishing the Palmer/Pletsch International School of Sewing in Portland, OR.

I'm Melissa Watson. Being Pati's daughter, I grew up with a love of fashion and sewing that continues to this day. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and have been working in the fashion industry in New York as a designer for the last 6 years. It was only natural for me to join my mother's brand after designing various lines of patterns for McCall's — the result is my collection: Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch.

Watch our Craftsy class anytime, anywhere, and discover how fulfilling it is to easily fit every pair of pants you sew for a custom look!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Notions has arrived!

The Fall 2015 issue of ASG Notions is in the mail and the online edition has been posted on the ASG website.

At the same time, a new list of 54 Special Offers from sponsors and advertisers in that issue has been posted in the Members Only section of the ASG Web site.

Look for these NEW Offers:
  • Embroidery.com
  • Emma Seabrooke
  • Fabulous Fit
  • Fashion in Harmony
  • Indygo Junction
  • McCall Pattern Co
  • Palmer/Pletsch
  • Sewforless.com
  • Sulky
  • Terial Arts
  • VogueFabricsStore.com ***use our link on RIGHT of BLOG!!***
The complete list of Special Offers for Winter includes:
  • 10-to-40% discounts from 13 popular pattern designers
  • 5-to-20% discounts from 10 fabric resources
  • 5-to-20% discounts from 16 sewing notions suppliers
Only ASG members receive these offers. You'll find all the details, including coupon codes and expiration dates, in the password-protected Members Only section of the ASG website. Visit the Special Offers page today! While you're there, bookmark that page to keep those offers handy for all your online shopping. Or go to www.asg.org any time and click on "Special Offers" in the left-hand column.

You can save more than enough to pay for your ASG membership when you take advantage of just a few of those offers! So please visit Special Offers on the ASG website whenever you want to save on sewing. Remember, our industry supporters need to see orders to know you appreciate their generosity ... and to keep ASG Special Offers coming!
Copied and altered email from:
 Betty Watts, Publisher, ASG Notions

Posted by Bonny D 10/27/2015