Saturday, March 8, 2014

Attention all online FABRIC shoppers!

I was scrolling through my blogger reading list (where I read snippets of blog entries from talented blogging sewists) and came across one from Bunny at She was talking about a shirt she wanted to recreate using fabric she bought at (our link on right side of this page), and how was bought by  So I did a little snooping and searched “knit fabric” on (our link on right side of this page) and clicked on Ponte de Roma Knit Charcoal.  This piece of fabric was sold by on the website, for $5.74 a yard, plus 2 dollar shipping.  No width description, fabric content or washing instructions, only says medium/heavyweight. So now I am very curious and I go to website and look up that Ponte de Roma Knit Charcoal there.  On website same fabric is $7.98 a yard. Width is 58”, made of 80% Polyester/15%Rayon/5%Lycra. Also says medium/heavyweight, with a “hand” description, how to use it, and washing instructions.
If I had placed orders, this is how it would have played out: (our link on right side of this page)
3 yards $17.22 plus $6 shipping= total $23.22
3 yards $23.94 plus $7.49 shipping (free if order over $35)=$31.43

This is an eye opener eh?  Not all fabric sold on is sold by, but still worth looking at! Although I'm not crazy about the lack of information about the piece of fabric on the site, I think I would still place an order if I was so inclined! 
Paying less is best! Take the (our link on right side of this page) challenge yourself and let me know how you made out!
Using our link (our link on right side of this page) benefits our chapter, but does not add to your cost at or ASG Albany Chapter.