Tuesday, January 19, 2021

President's Message

Greetings dear sewing ASG Albany members!

This year I am honored to serve as your president and work with our CAB. Not only that, I am very excited about our year ahead together as we find creative ways to be together as a whole and in our neighborhoods groups to share our varied passion of sewing. I invite you on this journey this year, which will again be in part, different than previous years because of the pandemic. That said, this invitation comes with the notion of change but I hope with an emphasis on “let’s have fun!”

Thank you, Sandy Ciani, for not only your leadership last year but also your friendship. Your help along with Kathy LaManna Friedman’s is readying me for this venture. And I thank you both. There are many plans in the making for this year. Neighborhood groups will be involved in planning a variety of events that will be accessible to you. I encourage you to take part in them as you are able (and I am going to say it again...have fun!!). In looking ahead, PLEASE save the date for our November 6th annual luncheon and meeting.

This past year, along with sewing other things I was able to make several quilts. Recently, my son Dan and his beautiful wife Carrie were gifted the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Quilt” featured in our December Newsletter. We delivered it (my husband Dave’s idea) in person to them in Charlotte NC (shortly after Christmas) as they had had their first child (Anderson) in early November. The look on their faces was well worth the trip!

While we were there my son said to me, “Mom why don’t you sell your quilts.” My response to him was that when I make a quilt it is a very personal and somewhat spiritual experience; this is difficult to put in words and you may (or not) understand this. When I make a quilt, it is made with love for the intended person (s). The colors, the pattern, the backing all tie into a message I want to convey to that person(s). So, no I don’t want to sell my quilts, when I make them, I want the experience to continue to be what it is from my hear to the receiver’s heart.

What about you and your sewing? Is there a story? Is there a message you want to convey? What kind of experience is it for you? As I said in my election statement message: I am interested in hearing about your sewing start. I have heard some and I continue to look forward to hearing more of them on our journey together this year! Please stay in touch and involved, and most of all stay well!

Kind regards, Stacey

Posted by Bonny D on January 19, 2021

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Election and Annual Meeting

It is that time of year again, the leaves are falling and we have to turn the heat on so it must mean it is time for the November Annual Meeting of the Albany Chapter American Sewing Guild! By now, you have received the Sew You Know Newsletter vol. 23, issue 5 that contains on page 5 the Ballot for the three elected positions of President-Running Candidate Stacey D, Secretary-Running Candidate Learay S, and Treasurer-Running Candidate and currently seated Shawn Palleschi. Please mark your ballots and return them to Pat H. by November 4. See below if you want to learn more about these wonderful volunteers! 

On Saturday, November 7 beginning at 11AM we will have a Zoom Meeting in place of our customary gathering. Things look a lot different this year, so unfortunately we cannot meet in person and share a meal together and ooh and ahh over our members lovely creations. In order to join, you will need the connection information, this will be sent in an email, please keep an eye out for it, you can contact me if you have any questions. Reminder, you don't need a computer to join this meeting, if you have a phone that connects to wifi or the internet, or a tablet or ipad, you can join in. 

Greetings fellow sewing enthusiasts. My name is Stacey D. I have been a sewing enthusiast since I was 13 years old and learned how to sew in my Home and Careers class. Ever since then, including my college days, my sewing machine has traveled with me. What’s your sewing start? Sewing, is one of my heartfelt passions, and I look forward to sharing it with you in the many ways our chapter has to offer. One of the aspects of sewing that I have learned over the years is how much more there is to learn about sewing and the skills of so many talent- ed sewers out there. “Sew,” about me! I am a retired career educator and my love of teaching and learning will help me share that passion with others. I am a proud member of the Albany Chapter where I currently serve as the Education Chair. I am also the Co- Leader (along with Carole Martin) of the newly formed Fonda Neighborhood Group. My goal in sewing, which is well articulated by our National ASG: is to ensure we are “advancing sewing as an art and life skill.” I look forward to the opportunity to sew and collaborate with you! 

Learay S - Sewing and creativity have been part of my entire life. Growing up my mother used to sew some of my clothes, but the special ones were always for my birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. I would also receive craft kits for Christmas and I was always encouraged to cre- ate something. I took sewing for the three years in junior high (yes it was called that) and made my mom a vest of turquoise with a gold lining. I was so proud of myself. For high school gradu- ation I received a Singer sewing machine, top of the line at the time. I have degrees in Mathematics and Physics, and Health Physics (think radiation protection). After getting married and having children, most of the things I sewed were curtains and Hallow- een costumes. It is amazing how ingenious you can get when they want something that’s not a pattern. I believe my educational background has only enhanced my creative background. My son and daughter both do some of their own sewing and craft work, so it is great to pass that creative side on to the next generation. When we moved to NY I met Nancy Kmen in Saratoga Springs. She recommended I join the ASG. I have been a mem- ber since about 1999. I learned a lot through the NG so when the Albany Chapter was looking to start another group, I figured it was my time to give back. I have been co-leader of the Latham neighborhood group with Juanita Brown for about 3 years. 

Hi, I'm Shawn P, I am running to be your treasurer. I am retired from the hospitality industry. I am a wife, and mother of three adult children, I have a cat and a dog, and I love to cook and sew. My mother taught me to sew while I was in grade school, and fell in love with it in middle school when I realized I could make my own clothes and not wear my sister's hand-me- downs. My children, niece and nephew have never worn store bought Halloween costumes, I love to be creative. I became an ASG member in 2019 and was immediately asked if I’d like to run for the Treasurer’s position, and then I recruited my sister-in-law to join the Chapter. I am looking forward to getting back to meetings and seeing everyone.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Craftsy - myBluPrint

 Hello, as you may have noticed the old apps on our phones and tablets are no longer working to view our classes that we had previously downloaded to avoid a disruption in access to those classes due to the change in ownership. Well, no matter, disruption it is! If you are interested in keeping your account active, go to mybluprint.com or https://www.craftsy.com and enter your user name and hit forgot password. You have to do this in order to enter your account. The new business will send you a link to reset your password. When you do this you will not be able to access those classes or patterns that you paid for, however, you will be given 45 days of streaming any class available for 'free'.  The new company states they are working to get the classes attached to our account, see here for more details in their FAQ. Meanwhile, if you have a class you really don't want to miss, view it now while it is free. I also noticed, it appears they are going back to the name Craftsy.  Sew Happy, Bonny