Thursday, October 2, 2014

Craftsy Does It Again!

Have you seen the new class by Beverly Johnson at Craftsy? It is brand new sharing her expertise! Sewing Bras: Construction and Fit, currently on sale at only $39.99. It has 7 lessons from construction, to fitting, to embellishing! I'm really excited about this, and looks like I'm not the only one because over 1000 people have enrolled in this class already. Sure I have taken many bra sewing classes, but with Beverly so far away in Canada, this is such a treat. To have more than 3 and a half HOURS of Beverly with me to sew beautiful bras is definitely worth the cost of this class. To help new bra sewists, Beverly is selling kits on her website to use just for this class. However, you don't really need to mail order from Canada, any bra kit will do with a two piece full band bra pattern. 

I've read on Beverly's blog Life of a Fairy Bra Mother that if you want a particular class from her on Craftsy, to send Craftsy the request.  So, if your so inclined...please request how to add a bra like support to a bathing suit with underwires. This has been one skill that still needs to be in my tool box. Beverly has great bathing suit patterns!  

Classes purchased at Craftsy are yours. You can go back anytime and watch again and again. If you want this or any class in Craftsy, click on blue text above or the box on the right of this screen! 
Happy Sewing,
Bonny D
October 2, 2014