Show and Tell 2019

Hey there! You found Albany ASG members sewn items.  Sometimes you want to see what others are making for inspiration or motivation to get sewing! This is where you can see our failures and achievements! Come on! Get in on the fun of sharing!  See contact info above. 

I split this Show and Tell page into a new year, as I have found the pages to take too long to load-so many pictures!!  Let's see how this will work for us. If you want to see the older posts, click on the Show and Tell before 2018, and Show and Tell 2018 pages. 


Why is there nothing here? Send me pictures!  
Some Tells on facemasks: From Lisa:On the Albany Sewing Machine Center facebook page, owner Kevin Frisenda did a video about adding a wire to shape around the nose area. From Lucy: We sewers can help as well as use our time for good.  Instructions are in website. These were requested for Westchester County & other places. Video is on YouTube. 
We can make these & help out.   Lucy


Trying something new-a video. Clipping those threads ya'll!

A work in progress, Block one from Amy Butler designs, Camper collection. 
Posted by Bonny D on 3/30/2020


You may have heard that I am on a Sewing for Love kick. I picked up some NEW pantyhose to make head covers. These would be worn under a scarf for sensitive scalps. I cut them and sewed it with two seams to close. I've seen this done in videos or blogs, they suggest using control top hose in the smallest size. I think mine were the next size from smallest (they were out of stock) and found that even this size felt a bit tight. I've also seen on the internet tutorials doing weird folding and knotting of the legs then cutting. I did not find this necessary. I basically had the waist part closest to me and cut. I used a stretch stitch. 

This picture is showing how you would use the top waistband part of the hose for the cap. No hemming!

I unfortunately did not take any pictures of the scarfs I made. I made black ones and burgundy colors in sheer like fabric each with a rolled edge using my 'on last legs' serger.  I made these around 30 something square. I also had some other fabric that I made accidentally rectangular scarfs, these had a interesting print that I probably bought to make a blouse. It is much better as a scarf. I made two of these large rectangles using the serger again for the rolled edge and big enough to wrap around a head. I made a small scarf for myself. 

Are you Sewing for Love? Please share!

Posted by Bonny D. on July 12, 2019.

Some pictures from Sandy


President Kathy took time to pass these along.

They were taken at the December meeting. For some reason I can’t find my notes on who did what. I know Sue Bernandt  made the snowflakes. Marilyn Kindle made the tree skirt as a gift.

 I think Mona made the moose wall hangings.

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