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Annual Meeting

Jennifer Stern Workshop

See the pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Qu8ep77gK2QBvGCW8, courtesy of Lucy!

2018 Annual Meeting


Some of the amazing women who did the hard work to bring an ASG Chapter to Albany, NY and create a group where we are inspired by everyone, learn from everyone, and call everyone our sewing buddies:
Front row, left to right: Kathy L, Marilyn M, Mary D, Carol H, Diane G and Marilyn K. Back row: Betsy K and Agnes B.

page14image11168Look Kathy! We made the Newsletter!!

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As I look at all the wonderful photos in the Newsletter of the Annual meeting and see so many familiar and friendly faces, I know joining ASG so many years ago was a great decision. I am blessed to know so many talented sewing friends!

On Sunday, November 4, twenty “serger enthusiasts to be” attended the “SergerEssentials” workshop with Gail Yellen.
Many of us seemed to be a bit “scared” of oursergers, but Gail is a great teacher — she loves the serger, is extremely knowledgeable and makes everything seem so easy. She helped take the mystery out of sergers by helping us get to know the inner workings , the various feet and stitches.
We each had kits with fabric and supplies to learn various techniques to expand our skills and use the serger for more than seam edge finishing, such as attaching ribbing to a neckline, elastic application, blind hems, and how best to serge inside and outside corners.
We were able to examine her samples in more detail, and of course to purchase from her store.
It was a fun day to get to know our sergers.



If you needed to replenish your stash, thenSATURDAY, OCTOBER 20 at the Newtonville Methodist Church was the place to be for the...
The BAKE SALE was held again too! Many sweets wee donated - even gluten free cookies - which a number of customers were happy to see!
After shopping many stopped by the table to refuel for the trip home, or for something to take home to their families.
Lucy and Sallye organized the bake sale and manned the table. Thank you to those who baked: Jean C, Lucy G, Marie S, Juanita B, LeaRay S and any others that I missed.
The Latham NG organized this year’s fabric sale.With LeaRay S leading the way with many volunteers as drop off points, set up and take down it was a huge success!
Thank you goes to LeaRay S, Juanita B, Ann M, Shirley R, Cheryl B, Kathy L, Jean Cerrone, Lynda M and Lucy G.
Left over fabric was donated to numerous groups, such as:
- The Renssalaer Sewing Group
- Charity sewing group at Newtonville Methodist Church
- Her Treasurer Box in Schenectady

There weren’t many leftovers from the bake sale, but a few were donated to the church for Sunday’s Social Hour.

Bonny D posted on November 30, 2018, all the above by poaching from the wonderful Newsletter Sallye put together. 
ASG Chapter Picnic 2018

Oh my! Is that shrimp?? I missed a good picnic!

Minky backed baby quilt by Jean, Show and Share tablet holder by Diane.


Pictures provided by Lucy, posted by Bonny D on July 16, 2018


Latham June 2018 Neighborhood Group

Pat demo-ed fabric necklaces!

Kathy's bag, so cute!

Pamela's Pattern and skirt using the pattern made by Kathy. Well, I would show you the skirt, but apparently the internet does not want to post it!

Pictures by Lucy, and posted by Bonny D on July 16, 2018


May 2018 Garment Group

Ann's Transitional Top

Cecelias dress made from Hawaii fabric!

Agnes Newport Top

More photos of Ann's (the other Ann) skirt and coat, and Connie' top and jacket, and Lucy's notebook holder and wallet, and and Here! 

Pictures by Lucy, posted by Bonny D on July 16, 2018


February 6, 2018
A group of us visited the Albany Institute of History and Art for a private tour of Well-Dressed in Victorian Albany: 19th Century Fashion from the Albany Institute Collection.

Posted by Bonny D. (group photo provided by Kathy LF) on February 19, 2018.


Did you miss the Sulky event? It was a sold out event. Next time send in your registration early! No worries though, click here to find beautiful Sulky thread for your next project.

I LOVE this one!

Retail Therapy Bus Trip was a blast. Thank you to all who joined us and organized it!
An extra big thank you to Deb M. and her sister for making these fabulous goody bags complete with pattern, fabric, candy, snacks and water, and an adorable note pad!
What a treat.

Thank you to all who participated and organized the Community Sew in September 2016! It was a great success.

Rest in Peace Joyce, you are missed

The above photos shared by Lucy G. and Bonny D. and posted by Bonny D. on October 9, 2016.
Annual Meeting 2015
Thank you to all who organized! and participated! and attended!

Our speaker Nancy Nix Rice! She spoke about "points of connection."

 Yeah, there were a lot of moments of 'hand head' picture opportunities.

Display table!

 These jackets were super snazzy!

 If I could have voted for "Best in Show" this would be it! Nancy's cape was fabulous.
 And this would definitely be second winner, this skirt was knitted gorgeous by Glenda.

Behind the scenes making the favors the Clifton Park NG. It was a secret so I couldn't post these till now!

Posted by Bonny D, on November 8, 2015
Sew-In 2015

CLICK HERE see more pics from Lucy!

Saratoga Fair 2015
Thank you to all that made this possible. What a success!

posted by Bonny D on August 6, 2015 with pics sent by faithful Lucy G.

Sure Fit Design Demo
click here for photos!

Round Robin

Thank you to all who participated, donated and organized this amazing event!
We saw some new faces who hopefully will become new members (no pressure!).
Here are some pics, if I left something out please forward your pics to me.  Just a reminder I'm not a professional blogger/reporter/picture taker-you get the idea.  I do it for fun!

Beautiful Weaving

Beautiful Chenille

Beautiful Battenburg Lace
There was a friendly discussion whether a lady in 2015 could wear such a collar...What is your opinion?

Beautiful painting

Beautiful Piping

Beautiful Scarves
Tutorial anyone?
Start with a yard of silk, divide by a small snip and tear into 3 pieces.
Stay stitch close to raw long edges using NO backstitching leaving small tail on both ends.
Using fingers pull along stitches to relax them to prevent any puckering.

Remove messy edging close to your stay stitch.

Press stitching flat.
Then press down the stay stitch while turning over once with stay stitching on top of fold.

Then again turn under another narrow fold.

Stitch time!  Use a pin to hold the folds just one up top. NO backstitching, put fabric to right of needle, grasp thread tails, place fold under needle, remove pin and lower foot. It is recommended to take first few stitches by handcrank.  Tuck in any silk feathers in as you go.

Use selvage edges (short edge) when possible, no hemming needed.
Yes, I have no finished piece to show you, didn't I tell you I wasn't a professional?  Ha ha.  Thank you Marilyn for your handout where I copied some of the above tutorial.
This is not a complete history of the event, you had to be there to see the others!
I had a terrific time, eating, learning....chatting with my sewing friends. It was a beautiful Saturday.
Posted by Bonny March 15, 2015
Annual Meeting 2014

A good time was had by all as demonstrated in above pic!
___________________________________________________________ Bus trip to Sawyer Brook Fabrics and Fabric Place Basement in Massachusetts

June 21, 2014

Oh the fabrics we touched, and purchased!  Both Sawyer Brook and Fabric Place had discounts for us, so we were able to stretch our fabric buying dollar. Sawyer Brook had snacks and drinks for us, but it couldn't beat Fabric Place with their delicious cookies and cheesecake and coffee! All the employees at both shops were super nice...even one looked familiar. That was because she is Judy from ASG Boston Chapter!
We had sew much fun! 

I was so happy to see my friend Karen Sehl, ASG Boston President in Sawyer Brook!

"Do you have silk?" one member asked...

I regret not taking pictures of happy members with shopping carts, and more happy members with bundles of fabric. Please forgive some of my blurry pictures, I think I was too excited to stand still!

This is my Sawyer Brook pile.  The top three are knits. The top knit was only $5.88 a yard, I took home 3 because I really want a wrap dress from it. I just love it! Hopefully I will have this done in time for the Annual meeting!  The second knit on this pile was my splurge at $23 a yard. It is currently cut up for a top and waiting for me right now on my table! The middle was a remnant called Eco Tourist, the 7/8 yard cost me $11.62. The bottom two are bottomweights at $8.99 a yard. I couldn't leave it there! Come on did you ladies FEEL it?  So totally worth the money.

This is my Fabric Place pile. You see Silk charmeuse, sweater knits, and decorative section Cotton. The light blue one with little squiggles, not quite a chevron, I hope to make a dress. I'm thinking a sheath dress with little going on, maybe waist darts for shaping, not princess, to keep the effect. Now I am freaking out about matching the print at the zipper and side seams! Have suggestions?  I'm still looking for a pattern. Surely with my pattern collection and Burda magazines I should have something!! The second to last one with flowers I am hoping for a little jacket.  It was on the remnant table so there's very little, so it will have to be plain, with maybe no lapels and 3/4 sleeves, and perhaps even facing from another fabric!!  

Did you go on this fabulous bus trip? Yes? What did you buy?  Send me pictures! 
Thank you to all who organized it! I had a blast!!
Thank you Sawyer Brook and Fabric Place!

Posted for your pleasure by Bonny D on July 30, 2014


Lucy's Pictures!!

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When I took a peek at Lucy's pictures, one thing is undeniable...we have a good time! Come join the fun!

Pamela Leggett was our Annual Meeting guest speaker. These were some of the highlights...and depending low lights? I did walk out with a top on backwards! 
I was modeling Pamela clothes that she designs and had on her trunk show rack.
 Below, this beautiful jacket was made by Kathy Levy.
 None other but Lady Cher!

Spending an afternoon with friends! Yes, I made my dress!  I love it! Metro Textiles NYC anyone?
 This is how close you can get to national teachers...

From the first time I met Pamela Leggett at conference, I knew she was special. She has the natural ability to share her love of sewing, in such a way it makes me excited to try new approaches and techniques. I know we will continue to see her succeed and advance in the sewing field.

Annual Meeting: 
 New CAB

Posted by Bonny D, Nov 12, 2013

The September Community Sew Day at the Glenville Scotia Community Center.

I don't have a final count, but there were lots of members there making lots of pillowcases! Thank you Sarge and all who organized, contributed, and attended the event! The facility was great! It was super big and bright and just lovely to sew in.  I loved seeing all my sewing friends!

posted by Bonny D October 1, 2013

The 2013 Picnic again graciously hosted by Mr and Mrs Rita Lindberg! Thank you Kathy for providing pictures.

 The star of the picnic!

Posted by Bonny D 09/04/2013

On Thursday, May 22, 2013, Kathy Levy delighted us with an extremely interesting presentation on lace and its history at the Clifton Park/Halfmoon Public Library. (from June Newsletter)


Gail Yellen, from Gail Patrice Designs, visited us April 26
th and April 27th 2013 at Michael’s Arts and Craft store in Albany.  (from June Newsletter)
Lucy Gee shares the following link, pictures of the Wing Falls 2013 displays

December 2012 Holiday Party at Anitas!

What you don't see in these pictures is the wonderful spread of food Anita had for us and food members brought to share!  Oh, yes, no one left hungry!  The turn out was wonderful as we had so many members find their way to Anita's lovely home and spent hours in holiday cheer.  Joyce brought in some fabric to share and there was great fun looking and dreaming of all the garments we could make with it!
Thank you Anita for inviting the Chapter to your home and sharing your home and family with us.

October 2012 President Conf Recap!

2012 Poolside Picnic at Rita's !!

Mugrug sew in at the Joyful Quilter June 2012

We had a great time!  There was fresh fruit and yummy cookies and coffee!  Anita's talented daughter drew on these mugs for us, you see one side here.  The other side had a little dress drawing, soo cute! The Joyful Quilter gave us a 20% discount!  Here are some pics of their wonderful shop.

Peggy Sagers April 2012
Peggy Sagers is so wonderful!  She paid our Albany Chapter a visit on April 28, 2012 and helped us with our fitting issues.  I learned so much from her.  Did you Miss This?  Don't fret! You can go to Silhouettepatterns.com to view previous webcasts and even find out when the next live one is! 

November 2011 Annual Meeting

Member Lucy Gee provides the following link for our viewing pleasure:

Gail Yellen made her apperance at the McKnownville Methodist Church in Albany on September 17.
She presented a demo on embellishing our outfits.  She came along with a trunk show of her very creative items.  Check out the photos!

Rita Lindberg and her charming husband were the hosts this year for our Albany Chapter Picnic. 
Maureen told me how lovely her home was but I was lucky enough to see it for myself.  There were several attendees including a guest that I brought- my mom!  The picnic was held on July 14, it was a beautiful day with a strong sun that allowed several members to enjoy the Lindbergs pool.  We all had plenty to eat while we all talked and talked.  Rita also gave a tour of her home.  Rita has wonderful collectables and looms in use. See below for a weave she is working on. Other pictures below show you our good time, some of Rita's collectables, and my mom!  We all had a great time and wished you were there!